Tablet manufacturing

Tablets are designed, tested and manufactured according to strict regulations


JuvaPharma has 10 years experience in manufacturing tablet supplements and vitamins with both unique ingredients and completely custom formulations

Our state-of-the-art facility and rigorous testing standards ensure optimum hardness, solubility & longevity. Our goal is to produce the most potent and reliable supplement recipe and dosage design possible.

Our expert formulators & technicians will walk you through the entire process every step of the way. We help you navigate tablet design and creation, so your supplement manufacturing process is easy and stress-free!

JuvaPharma provides exclusive construction of production-cooperation for those clients who supply vitamins, dietary supplements or other healthy products on the whole territory of their country.

We are able to manufacture the highest quality of production even it is our own trademark or OEM construction according to unique formulas and packaging design.

We are confidence in win-win cooperation.