Soft gel manufacturing

Soft gel capsules are our specialty


JuvaPharma is widely recognized in offering the highest quality, and we are one of the leaders in our industry especially in soft gel capsules, hard capsules, chewable tablets, coated film tablets and liquids manufacturing.
JuvaPharma’s manufacturing facility can create a wide range of softgels using innovative ingredients, blends and formulas to fit your brand.

JuavPharma Unique Softgel Manufacturing Facilities:
• Scalable facility – from pilot to commercial Production
• Multiple shapes, sizes – custom formulations available
• Best-in-class quality

We will guide you through the process of designing & creating the perfect softgel formula from start to finish. From packaging to ingredients and even labeling choices, we’ve done it all!

JuvaPharma provides exclusive construction of production-cooperation for those clients who supply vitamins, dietary supplements or other healthy products on the whole territory of their country. We are able to manufacture the highest quality of production even it is our own trademark or OEM construction according to unique formulas and packaging design.
We are confidence in win-win cooperation.