Private labeling

Custom labeling soultions for your business


A label can truly make or break your ability to sell a product. The first impression your customer has of your product is the label and packaging – don’t let a customer walk away because your label does not project the correct message!

Custom labeling will allow you to showcase the uniqueness of your product, as well as capture the interest of the correct audience for your custom supplement. Labeling that supports your product, as well as your brand, will in turn help you get the best return on your investment.

We leverage a tremendous amount of industry knowledge to create effective custom supplement labeling. JuvaPharma constantly monitors the latest industry trends so that we know what your customers are looking for. Also, our expertise ensures that each customized bottle label is in accordance with FDA guidelines.

We provide our clients with complete graphic design support in creating their customized bottle labels. Our team has the expertise in creating custom labeling that will efficiently portray your marketing message. Not only do we employ the best graphic design staff, but the quality of our printing service is superior to other competing services.

JuvaPharma offers printing solutions that utilize the latest technology in printing, including digital, flexo, offset, foil stamping and screen printing presses. Let us know what specialty label requirement. Because your brand and the design of your label are crucial to the success of your business, we have made it our business to offer the best custom labeling solutions in the industry.