Industrial background

JuvaPharma prepares every product -with the greatest care- on its own production line.


Unlike typical vitamin and dietary supplement manufacturers, JuvaPharma keeps all process in his own hands from the beginning to the end.

Analitikai egységeink folyamatosan ellenőrzik a gyártási folyamatokat és a szigorú minőségi eljárások következetes betartása maradéktalanul megfelelnek a GMP, ISO, HACCP és más nemzeti és nemzetközi minőségi előírásoknak.

JuvaPharma has in-house production on more than 7,000 square-meters of own industrial area, continuously guarantee the highest quality of the vitamin and food-supplement production in the European Region

JuvaPharma applies a fully automated modern production, in relation with tablet or soft gel manufacturing, differnet drops and syrups production or even herbal and teas.

Thanks to our unique developed quality-management, in which each batch of products are individually assessed and also individually numbered and stored to database for the follow-up of any complaint.