Custom formulas

Customizable vitamin & supplement formulas are ready for you


JuvaPharma has a variety of pre-designed supplement formulas ready and just waiting to be produced, packaged & marketed under your brand! Our comprehensive list of stock formulations is based on the latest scientific & dietary trends and designed to meet your customer’s health needs, no matter what kind of vitamin or dietary supplement you want or market sector you wish to target.

JuvaPharma can deliver your new contract manufacture or private-label supplement in virtually any dosage design you can imagine: softgel-capsules, syrups, solid pills, chewable tablets or even creams and lotions – all manufactured in-house, according to our strict cGMP manufacturing and facility requirements. As always, all of our ingredients undergo our stringent quality control & raw materials testing procedures.

Choose from an array of supplement types & dosage designs aimed at almost any market segment:

• Natural Herbs
• Women’s Health (hair and nail caps, weight-loss products)
• Multivitamin for kids
• Immun supportÍzületek védelm
• Vitamins
• Minerals
• Omega 3 fishoil
• Multivitamin for adults
• Bone support
• Protection of joint
• Protection of prostate
• Pain & Inflammation reducers
• Tablets
• Capsules
• Soft gel capsules
• Drops
• Syrups
• Creams and lotions

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